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I love to write about my naughty personal experiences inside. I write stories about my fantasies as well as my experiences. I think you will enjoy reading all about how dirty I really am. :) xoxo Kacey

Below is a screen print sample of my personal journal/blog

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A Night Out on The Town:

We had decided that we wanted to go out and party a little bit the other night. We were both totally ready for a good time and I was extremely horny at that. I thought maybe we could go out and meet a couple of sexy guys to fulfill my fantasy of being with two men at the same time. We headed out to Jillians by the bay and it wasn't long before our drinks had arrived at our table when I noticed a couple of really cute guys playing pool near the other room. I was wearing a really skimpy little summer dress and couldn't wait to get a little attention wearing it. I didn't wear any panties with my outfit, I love feeling naked out in public. I decided to prance right into the other room and bend over the pool table a little bit to see if I could get their attention. My little ploy worked because before long they were both talking to me and trying to get my phone number. It was fun flirting with them, but I knew that I could take it farther than that. I wanted to invite both of them hom so that they could take turns on me while my boyfriend watched.....(continued in members area)


My Boyfriends Cousin:

I was just getting home from the gym when I heard a knock at the door. I went to find out who it was not realizing that I was half naked at that point. I was getting undressed ready for my shower. I came to the door and realized it was my boyfriends cousin Joey. He looked a little shell shocked at the site of me standing there with almost nothing on. It was a litte erotic, because I have always had a huge crush on him. I invited him in and asked him what was up. He told me that he was supposed to meet Jarrod to go to the baseball game that night. Jarrod was late in getting home from work, so I decided to go for it and see how far I could push Joey sexually. As he sat down on the couch, I bent over him and pretended like I was grabbing the remote control. I turned on the tv for him and went into the other room. My plan was to go get totally naked and then come back out to see what he would do...(continued in members area)


My Stripping Fantasy Fulfilled:

I have always had the naughty fantasy of being a stripper for a night and bringing home one of the guys to fuck me. I decided to fulfil this fantasy the other night by going to amateur night at the local strip club. I wore something totally slutty. A tight little red dress, a black thong and some hooker heels. I call them my hooker heels because whenever I wear them I end up being a total little slut. I was a little nervous to get up in front of all the guys to dance, but more excited than anything. I wanted to do some sexy table dances afterwards. My music came on and I got up on the stage to do my little dance that I had practiced at home. I danced really slowly, turned and showed my ass through my dress to the crowd. Then I turned around and pulled my dress over my head to expose my little thong underneath. I heard some of the guys cheering me on, which was totally awesome. I bent down and grabbed my ankles while standing on stage, then I stood up and spanked my little ass for them. My dance went really well, I was writhing all over the floor getting totally naughty. I touched myself a little bit while I was up there, I just couldn't help it. It was so erotic to see all of those guys watching me naked like that....(continued in members area)


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